we develop
proximity communication solutions

we make
complex things simple

who we are

we are a full-service innovation company

we use techology for innovative problem solving

we realize advanced hardware and software to collect information

we process data with creative mind

we give relevant details for decision-making process

we make complex things simple

what we do

proximity engagement

We help people turn potential customers into business, by targeting them with ads or content that exactly answers their needs or wants, increasing the customer contact effectiveness.

internet of things

We help people find advantages of new technologies, delivering tangible benefits and improving our lives; because a device isn't smart because of sensors or digital services, but only if it's able to help us with useful informations delivered through simplicity, respecting our privacy and security.

industrial automation

We help people manage the distributed intelligence between machines and production components, allows field devices to communicate and interact with centralized controllers.

our clients

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piazza Matteotti, 2
16123 GENOVA
ITALY, of course!

phone: (+39) 010 80 60 471